A child from Artsakh pictured in the photo. Every day people are waiting for peace news in the bomb shelter.

Official – October 20, 2020

  • According to the latest data, the enemy lost 5 UAVs, 10 armored vehicles, 1 aircraft, 50 manpower. https://bit.ly/35jSxDy
  • Artsrun Hovhannisyan wrote that retreat is not a defeat. https://bit.ly/2T9huMz
  • The Cross of King Ashot II the Iron which contains the holy particles of the Life-giving Cross of Christ was delivered to Artsakh. https://bit.ly/3o7a3DG
  • “The atrocities of Azerbaijan are also connected with the fact that international organizations do not visit Artsakh.” Human Rights Defender. https://bit.ly/3jgawjp
  • Everyone in Europe knows that Azerbaijan unleashed the war. Activists are pleased with the meeting with the EU ambassador. https://bit.ly/2Hp3Dz6 
  • In the southern direction, around Ishkhanadzor, fierce battles are taking place. In the north, Azerbaijan uses aviation and artillery. https://bit.ly/31oIQm8
  • “We must end the war and return to the negotiating table.” RA President Armen Sargsyan gave an interview to France24. https://bit.ly/2FJzM3H
  • Our artillerymen perform feats. The servicemen will be awarded. https://bit.ly/2TaSCny
  • The UN Security Council discussed the issue of monitoring the ceasefire. https://bit.ly/3o5zN3j
  • Citizens gathered in front of the building of the EU delegation in Yerevan to call for condemnation of the aggression of Azerbaijan and Turkey. https://bit.ly/3o9TfMg