A car blown up in Stepanakert pictured in the photo.

Official – October 17, 2020

  • Azerbaijani falsification about Ganja was revealed. https://bit.ly/35b36J0
  • The RA Defense Ministry denies that Azerbaijan shot down the Armenian Su-25. https://bit.ly/3dBTFpZ
  • Azerbaijan is smuggling a large amount of ammunition and mercenary terrorists into its territory. https://bit.ly/2SZXKeb
  • According to the latest data, 5 UAVs, 2 armored vehicles, 1 enemy aircraft were eliminated, 150 were killed. https://bit.ly/3dBUsHt
  • The Armenians placed the photographs of the hero-soldiers killed in Artsakh in front of the Armenian Embassy in Moscow and laid flowers in front of them. https://bit.ly/2FHEGhO
  • On the night of October 17, relatively stable tension remained in the zone of the Artsakh-Azerbaijani conflict. At dawn, Azerbaijan shelled the peaceful settlements in Artsakh and the capital Stepanakert once again violating the humanitarian ceasefire. https://bit.ly/31fZlkF
  • As a result of the rocket attack on Stepanakert, three civilians were injured, apartments were destroyed and an object of economic importance was damaged. https://bit.ly/3lPWE0I
  • The Defense Army has announced the legitimate military targets located in the Azerbaijani city of Ganja. https://bit.ly/3j87DkD
  • A video about the Golden Eagle medal holder Edgar Markosyan has been published. The hero eliminated 10 enemy tanks. https://bit.ly/3k6YvxV
  • A resolution condemning Turkey’s participation and attacks on Artsakh will be presented in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. https://bit.ly/358ZjvQ