Cello in Holy #Ghazanchetsots


The representatives of the Armenian community of the Czech Republic are in the photo. They are holding a protest in support of Artsakh on Prague Square.

Official Release – October 10, 2020


  1.  The units of the Defense Army stopped enemy attacks in the south. At the same time, the Azerbaijani armed forces are shelling the city of Hadrut. Link to share
  2. The enemy struck combat UAVs in the direction of Artsvanik village in Artsakh and Yeritsvank village of Kapan. There is 1 casualty. https://bit.ly/36SqGwW
  3. At the end of the negotiations, the RA Foreign Minister noted in an interview: “The situation in the region remains rather fragile, it is necessary to achieve a ceasefire and overcome this serious challenge.” https://bit.ly/2GAic2J
  4. A working committee has been created which promptly answers the questions related to military personnel participating in the hostilities. https://bit.ly/3jRNoc0
  5. The Artsakh Defense Army made public the names of 28 servicemen who died in repelling Azerbaijani attacks. https://bit.ly/33In7r0
  6. Before the humanitarian ceasefire the Azerbaijani side made an attempt of  reconnaissance sabotage in the direction of Hadrut. https://bit.ly/3dhgvD8
  7. Artsakh Republic President Arayik Harutyunyan stated that the situation in Hadrut is currently under the control of the Defense Army. https://bit.ly/36YnW0G
  8. The Artsakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs categorically condemned Azerbaijan’s violation of the humanitarian ceasefire. https://bit.ly/2SHl28z
  9. During the telephone conversation between the presidents of Russia and Iran  the Iranian President supported the ceasefire agreement in Nagorno-Karabakh. https://bit.ly/34FXwyk
  10. “All diplomatic channels” utilized for bringing to life the ceasefire agreement. https://bit.ly/3deWTzv

How is this journalism?


Is LA Times or BBC doubting that the historic cathedral was shelled or are they doubting that it was shelled by Azerbaijan? Which part of this is an accusation and not a fact?

Here is a better perspective:

Another day, more news


Our morning started with a post in social media from Albert’s father informing everyone that the guy whose photo became one of the symbols of this fight has been killed in action. (more…)

We have found a temporary remedy


It’s a lot of anxiety to deal with everything that’s going on in Artsakh. With every new post, new video, new photo of bombing of yet another civilian infrastructure, with the new reports of our fallen heroes and later on with the silence of new info coming though the anxiety goes through the roof. What are we doing? How are we helping? What is it that we can do or should do to be a part of this? (more…)

We are behind


Hi, I am Armenian. I live in Glendale, which is not that big of a deal since there are a lot of Armenians who live in Glendale. Because I live in Glendale, my heart is aching these days. Because I live in Glendale, I am far away… I am sure, I am not alone. I know that we all feel the same aches and worries.

My days have changed, I behave like a junkie… a news junkie. I refresh every possible news site, twitter feed, facebook page looking for good news, any news really. I bug my friends in Armenia and Karabakh and they don’t give me much… especially my Karabaghtsi friends who just send a smile and lokh lava (all is well), despite the horrors that I am seeing in the news. But I’m worried and I’m angry. Angry that we are living through this for the third time in my life time. I am not old, trust me, once was plenty. I am angry that we as a nation have to go through this existential fight all over again with the same players and same silence of our friends.