Another day, more news

Our morning started with a post in social media from Albert’s father informing everyone that the guy whose photo became one of the symbols of this fight has been killed in action.

The overnight bombardment of cities in Artsakh brought more news: St Ghazanchecoc church in Shushi has been struck twice.

There were more civilian casualties as well as heroes falling during the holy fight to protect our homeland. It is so easy to get lost in between all of these news and misunderstand what exactly is happening, where we are and what is the goal.

It might seem like all news that’s coming through is bad news, but the reality is that our boys are protecting our borders with all their might and bravery and are doing an amazing job. The fact that the enemy, despite on all its technological and financial superiority, support from every possible corner is still exactly where it was and has not been able to accomplish not one military objective is the bigger picture that we need to acknowledge. We should be proud that Albert and numerous other heroes like him do everything possible and impossible to get this done and we should do everything we can to support them in their enormous task.

We as a nation are eternally indebted to Albert, his family and so many other heroes for they have done and are doing the impossible right at this minute. We will rebuild the cathedral. We have done that already back after the first war. We will do it again. In the meantime, here is the least we can do: