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Not Pretty Anymore: Last week’s winter wonderland this week’s nightmare

yerevan-sevan-highway-snow-armeniaArmeniaNow  --  At least two mountainous motorways remain closed due to heavy snow that has hampered travel in Armenia since last week. Selim Mountain Pass and the Berd-Chambarak Highway are closed, and the Transport and Communication Ministry warns of “black ice” on some sections of roadway. Further, Georgia’s Emergency Situations Department has again closed the Upper Lars passage – a major South Caucasus communications route -- due to threat of avalanche.

In capital Yerevan, despite municipality boasts that it has done an effective job following more than a foot of snow that fell over a four-day period last week, sidewalks are treacherous as thin layers of snow hide thick ice that formed when an earlier snow began to melt.

The unfavorable weather conditions and icy roads also introduced some changes in the ‘political schedule’ of the country, forcing the opposition Armenian National Congress to postpone its rally, originally slated for February 17, till March 1.

The national weather service predicts that more snow could be on the way starting Thursday.

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