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​Armenia Confirms Possession Of Sophisticated Missiles

An S-300 Favorit air-defense system at the Ashuluk firing range in Astrakhan Region
RFE/RL -- Armenia officially acknowledged on Monday that its armed forces are equipped with Russian-made surface-to-air missiles widely regarded as one of the world’s most potent anti-aircraft weapons.

The Defense Ministry in Yerevan said Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian visited one of the Armenian army’s anti-aircraft units and “familiarized himself with the work of the state-of-the-art S-300 air-defense systems” over the weekend. A ministry statement said he also inspected new facilities built there.

Originally designed in the Soviet Union in the late 1970s and repeatedly upgraded since then, the systems have a firing range of up to 200 kilometers. Their radars can simultaneously track up to 100 targets, including both aircraft and cruise missiles.


Russia deployed at least one battery of S-300s in Armenia in the late 1990s, significantly beefing up its military base stationed there. Russian and Armenian forces have since been jointly protecting Armenia’s airspace. Their integrated air-defense system was given a “regional” status by the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in early 2007.

Top Russian military officials said at the time that Moscow has further upgraded Armenia’s anti-aircraft capacity and trained Armenian specialists to operate S-300s. The Armenian military confirmed that, saying the training process began in 2005. It would not clarify until now whether the Russians have actually transferred such weapons to their Armenian ally.

Speaking to RFE/RL’s Armenian service, Defense Ministry spokesman Davit Karapetian confirmed that the Armenian army now has S-300s in its missile arsenal. He declined to specify their number and dates of delivery.

According to the Defense Ministry statement, Ohanian inspected the Armenian S-300s after inaugurating a new Russian-Armenian “air-defense command point” possessing “state-of-the-art equipment.” The statement quoted him as saying that the development raised Russian-Armenian military cooperation to a “qualitatively new plane.”

The announcement follows media reports that Moscow is planning to sell two batteries of S-300 to Azerbaijan, in a deal worth $300 million. The reports, not denied by Russian officials, have raised concern in Armenia and Karabakh.

Opposition groups there say the long-range missiles would seriously limit the Armenian military’s ability to hit strategic targets in Azerbaijan and would thereby encourage Baku to try to resolve the Karabakh dispute by force.

Ohanian dismissed such concerns in an August interview with RFE/RL’s Armenian service. “We are very familiar with those systems, we have been exploiting them for quite a long time, and we know the possibilities of reducing the effectiveness of such systems,” he said.

“Even in case of acquiring those systems, Azerbaijan will need quite a lot of time to develop an integrated radio-technical system catering for them,” added the minister.



Copyright (c) 2010. RFE/RL, Inc. Reprinted with the permission of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 1201 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Washington DC 20036.
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+5 # 2010-12-20 10:14
wow we rule!!!! this is one of those rare moments when I feel proud of my country!!! Kick ASS Armenia!!!
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+2 # 2010-12-20 13:53
Quoting Vahan:
wow we rule!!!! this is one of those rare moments when I feel proud of my country!!! Kick ASS Armenia!!!

And why is this "one of those RARE moments" may I ask? You should always feel proud of your country, not just because we have big weapons.
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-5 # 2010-12-20 16:54
What are you so proud of? Russia gave it to you in exchange for hosting its troops there for over 50 years? It is like charity, except you give up your freedom and independence for it. Azebraijan on the other hand has bought it with its own money. It does not beg others, including its diaspora, for hand-outs.
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+1 # 2010-12-20 17:59
Quoting Azeri:
What are you so proud of?

And you're wasting your oil money buying some junk weapons, that nobody will let you use it. This is an old trick to extract free oil resources and money from rich but ignorant states. After all Karabagh was given to Azerbaijan for exact that reason by Stalin. Otherwise why would've anyone included region with 80% of Armenian population into the neighboring republic.
Also, if you keep drumming everywhere that states territorial integrity is superior over people’s right for self determination, you can forget about the western Azerbaijan, which , unlike Karabagh, might be your real future. But so far your leaders are either too stupid or coward to see that. No wonder they don't like you there too.
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+2 # 2010-12-21 01:50
This discussion looks interesting and constructive! I totally agree with Mike, capitalist powers drain resourceful countries like Azerbaijan by selling weapons to them. How many hospitals, universities, theaters could have been renovated with the money Azerbaijan bought weapons from US. I once told here and I'm telling it again damn Stalin for drawing that border like that (it was to prevent soviet-republic from independence). *BOTH* of our countries could have been much well off. All those weapons money could have been spent for public's good. I really hope both sides understand this and (at least) prevent more human casualties. I say at least because certainly Azeri oil money is being spent on weapons when it could have been spent on improving the quality of life of its citizens. I wish us and our neighbor wisdom (for the sake of general public).
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-2 # 2010-12-21 09:16
Part 1: Mike, it is not silly for a country to build its military if 20% of its territory is under foreign occupation. You imply that the superpowers will stop Azerbaijan from liberating its lands. I guess that is why Armenia is conceding so much to Russia. But you forget one thing: just as Armenia can buy Russian favors with concessions, so can Azeris (with oil, etc.). As for the Stalin comment, it is such an unsophisticated comment. It is like saying, "Wow, Stalin, a bad name. So anything associatated with this name is a bad thing, including Karabag's inclusion in Azerbaijan." Don't fool yourself into thinking that other people cannot see through this cheap rhetorical trick. On a more adult note, Stalin was the leader of the USSR, and it was his decision (naturally) to help draw the boundaries. Otherwise, one can say that, Hey Look, Yerevan was given to Armenia by Stalin, so Yerevan is not an Armenian land. And that 80% figure you quote, it is an Armenian lie.
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-1 # 2010-12-21 09:23
Part 2: Mike, the self-determination argument is such a dishonest political move. The right to self-determination applies to a nation. Karabak is not a separate nation, it is part of the Armenian nation, which already has a state. This excuse is used to justify Armenian territorial claims, because, frankly, you've no other legal "justification". Otherwise, any region of a country where foreign settlers have become a majority can use this right, like the case of hispanics in southern USA. In other words, it is a BS. Of course, this doesnt mean Karabak Armenians should not have autonomy to acknowledge their ethnicity. And Azeris are more than willing to grant that. And one more thing, do you really think the world is stupid enough not to realize that Karabak will soon unite with Armenia after "independence"? As for your Western Azerbaijan comment, I am not sure what you mean by Western? Did you mean Southern? Are you thus laying claim to entire Northern Azerbaijan? How Armenian of you.
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+2 # 2010-12-21 11:23
I like the part where Azeris have no names. But let me start with answering Gagik's question - I know I should be proud but lately my government gives me almost no reason to be proud of my country, even worse it feels like these guys don't understand what problems people have driving every achievement down the drain.

As for the Azeri post have you been following the developments around Kosovo? the right for self determination is not based on the will of the oppressor. The closing of Armenian schools, the massacres, the destruction of Armenian historical monuments do you think the US organizes mass killings of hispanics in southern US like Azerbaijan did in late 1980s??? Or do you think the US government destroys the hispanic cultural heritage like Azerbaijan did in Jugha???? Azeris are more than willing to destroy everything that is connected to Armenians and distort the facts just like you do in your post - how Azeri of you.
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0 # 2010-12-21 12:42
Vahan, your remark about me not using a name is funny. What, am I afraid? If so, couldn't have I just used a fake name? I say, Azeri, so that you know where I am from. As for Azeri aggression in 80s, this too is funny. What did we have to gain? The status quo suited as. It was you who escalated things, for natural reasons: you needed the change, not we. A more helpful way to determine who started the conflict is to look at who took the first military action in terms of capturing a town and making refuges. And it was Armenia, and the town captured was Shusha. So you escalated things. Now Armenia says, we want peace. Of course, you do. If I came and took over someone's home, I too would want peace and wish for the guy outside just to go away. Needless to say, you cannot expect such peace. And you can be sure that as soon as Azerbaijan has bought the silence of Russia, it will take care of the problem. Back in 90s, we had no real army. Now things will be different.
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0 # 2010-12-21 15:17
As for the Stalin comment, it is such an unsophisticated comment.

It's not sophisticated because it is a very simple truth! Google Stalin, Armenia, Azerbaijan and you'll come up with zillions of documents and excerpts from books pointing out this "truth". If you are someone who can't accept "truth" and reasoning then you are not worth the time buddy, it's like reading poetry to an "eshak" waste of time .... use a stick and the "eshak" will understand what to do. I personally in a very unsophisticated way divide people to two main categories, people who one can reason with and people who one can't ... either you can reason with someone and find a win-win solution... or not ... the guy is a bone-head, doesn't understand reasoning, he's not reasonable, doesn't want to except facts, then just claim your rights with whatever means at your disposal, including and not limited to use of force.
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0 # 2010-12-22 00:03
Azeri you think if you used a name we would have not understood who you are??? You've been brainwashed just like 90 percent of your society to believe in what you believe. And I think that is is sad. Let me try to refresh your memory one more time (if there's anything left after the state propaganda of Azerbaijan). Have you ever heard of Sumgait? Have you ever heard of Baku massacres? Have you ever heard of bombing of Stepanakert? The LIBERATION of Shushi was the first step toward reinstating the justice. You can cling to the ideology and propaganda all you want, but when the time comes to argue against facts your argument is this too is funny.
Do you think the hatred of people from Caucasus that happens in Moscow is about changing status quo? Or do you think that it is funny? When an idiot pushes hatred toward another nation the government steps in and makes sure that idiots are punished. Your government decided to give rebars to idiots and told them kill all Armenians
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-1 # 2010-12-22 08:44
Armen, your talk of reason, but your message is full of ad hominem (look it up). If you knew of basic logic, you would not count such tactics as part of being reasonable. It is a sign of a desperately unreasonably and uncivilized person to resort to name-calling. I will not lower myself to your level. Regarding the Stalin point, the point, which you missed, is this. When you say Stalin gave Karabak to Azerbaijan, there is an implication that Karabak was part of some formal entity called Armenia, and he took it from you. At best, it was a disputed area, and as the leader of the subsuming country, he gave, using the evidence at his disposal, to confirm the Azeri claims. I know, I know, anyone who disagrees with your analysis is an unreasonable donkey, and those who agree with you are wise men. Such a dogmatic unsophisticated manner of viewing the world.
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0 # 2010-12-22 08:58
Vahan, first, thanks for not descending into name-calling like Armen. I understand where you are coming from. But here is how it looks like from our side. Yes, what happend in Sumagit was bad. But you are confusing cause and effect. It happened in response to what was going on in Karabak. Why, having had Armenians in Baku for ever, would we all of a sudden start kicking them out? If we are so evil, why not do the same to Lezghi and other miniroties? No, it was a response to your attempts to change status quo. By judging by your post, Armenia wanted Karabak after the Sumgayit events, which is factually incorrect. As for LIBERATION of Shusha, don't you think any aggressor would resort to such cheap "justifications"? If I came to the home where you have lived for generations, and kicked you out, would you not laugh at me for saying "Hey I liberated it from you!" Your claim is that, of course, Armenia owned everythng in the region. Ok, let's grant, for argument's sake, that yes, 1000 years ago you owned the entire region. Don't you think that logic for "liberating" lands would create total chaos if used by all nations? Why does not Greece try to liberate Istanbul? Why does not ancient Assyrians liberate parts of Middle East. But note, such a mythologically-motivated Armenian ideology makes it very hard for your neigbors to co-exist with you, because they know your eyes are on their land. You are the aggressor! Per 4 UN resolutions. Admit it, to yourself (not to me, of course)
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0 # 2010-12-22 10:55
he gave, using the evidence at his disposal, to confirm the Azeri claims.

No my dear Azeri, he did so because he wanted to guarantee neither of the republics will gain independence easily, that way he made sure a war would erupt as soon as either/both of the Soviet republics decide to gain independence. The same technique was used in Soviet economy, raw-material from one republic was processed in another republic [meaning that the processing factories were built intentionally in another republic] this way both republics had to stick to each other, independence would have been costly (one didn't have *both* the raw material and the factories). In short a lot of these measures were taken to make sure soviet republics couldn't break away from the center (Moscow, USSR).

The same thing happened ethnically and with borders, people were living on their mother land and that land was *in* Soviet Union, as such the Soviet authorities could have divided it formally as they liked (like countries do with states, regions, villages, city boundaries so on) they drew the line so a little part of this one gets included into the other, this would make sure independence would result in disputes and war.
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0 # 2010-12-22 10:56
continued here:
That region with majority of Armenian population was included into Azerbaijan so as soon as either of the republics try to get independence trouble would erupt, which it did (unfortunately) . It was an ingenious strategy politically but it was an unhumane one.
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0 # 2010-12-22 14:40
Oh I need to add that we were not the only one having this problem, in Eastern Bloc they had the same situation but they solved it wisely in Hungry and Romania, Czechoslovakia (peacefully divided to Czech Republic and Slovakia). Unfortunately we (either or both sides) were not wise/civilized to solve it wisely and efficiently which resulted in loss of life and misery for a lot of innocent people from both sides. Don't drag this on and do the innocent public of both nations a big favor. Just go ask anyone you like you meet on the street tomorrow this question: "we have a bag with 8 apples and 2 lemons in it. We should we call this bag?" "A bag of apples" or "A bag of lemons". Leave Armenian land to Armenians.
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0 # 2010-12-22 19:56
Part 1. Armen, I see you have given up insults, which is great. What you say about Stalin's calculation about Azeri & Armenian dependence on USSR makes sense. I am sure that factor played a role in his decision-making. However, this does not mean that this factor was THE decisive factor. It could have been just one of many, and therefore does not decisively explain his decision in favor of Azerbaijan. Now, if you ask me, I don't think Stepanakert should be "liberated" by Azeris even if we could, like Vahan says Shusha was from Azeris. Even if, say, 100 years ago, it was a majority Azeri population, it does not matter -- for generations, now Armenian have lived there, their fathers' grave are there, etc. I, like most Azeris alive today, have never set foot there. Similarly, all the territories that were Azeri prior to the conflict but are now under Armenian occupation (aka "liberation") should never be considered Armenian, and should be given back. What to do then? Give Karabak to Armenia? Things are not that simple. Like Susha, there were many Azeri towns in Karabak (I beleive 30% at the time). Give just the traditional Armenian towns? Very complicated indeed. But just take a step back, what country, any country, would ever give up a part of its internationally recognized territory? Azeris have promised highest level of autonomy to Armenians. I know, if I were an Armenian, I would never accept it either. So here we are then, at a deadlock. Who is right, who is wrong? ...
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0 # 2010-12-22 20:06
Part 2. Armen, so who is right? Not very clear -- but it is clear at least in the case of the non-Armenian districts under your control. There, you are surely in the wrong. If you say, we needed a buffer, this would be a reson for, but not a moral justification for the occupation and for killing many locals, and making 100s of thousands refuges. By justifying these actions, you'd thereby be justifying the use of violence to solve a problem, which brings me to the current state of affairs. After almost 20 years of talk, it has finally become clear to Azeris that negotiations will NOT work. Armenia's hand has been forced. Now, unfortunately, there is no other way to solve the problem but war. Baku would start it tomorrow, but is afraid of Russia. But remember, Russians do not care about Armenians or Azeris (they beat both of us up in Moscow), and their favors can be bought by either side. They have their own interests, among which is keeping Azeris and Armenians at war. By this, they get to extract a lot of concessions from you, and keep asking for more from us. My prognosis: unfortunately, war will break out soon, it will be nasty, and unpredictable. Yes, we have better weapons. But you have Russia. And I am sure the US Congress too would be on your side thanks to your lobby. Azeris have Turkey and Israel, and their trump cards regarding Iran and Afganistan. A very interesting situation, if only many innocent lives were not at stake.
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0 # 2010-12-22 20:10
No more comments from me any more... Ok, not that you would miss me :) But so that you do not waste your time writing back to me, I just want to let you know that i am done, and won't bother you again, and will not revisit this forum again. I need to stop procrastinating , and do my chores at home. Take care.
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0 # 2010-12-23 01:20
Azeris have promised highest level of autonomy to Armenians.

Oh NO! *You* know VERY WELL that's a recipe for disaster!! The highest level of autonomy is liberty which they already have. But I'm sure if both sides go to some concessions we can solve this thing wisely and peacefully. I think Azeris are little too much concerned with their image and that line on paper (border on maps). When we talk about territorial integrity we should really remember that in our case borders were just lines drawn by soviet politicians, we should focus on facts "on the ground" (literally) which ethnicity lives where and try to solve it out so afterward they'll be able to live peacefully. Others in Eastern Bloc did it we might be able to do it too. The practical would be thinking "damn those lands with Armenians on it, let Armenians keep it because anyways it's a recipe for trouble for us. If the land is populated 80% by Armenians it's theirs. But ask for some concessions in other areas for it. I'm sure Armenian side is ready to deal on things [*except* land with Armenians living on it]. And there is no doubt there must be concessions from both sides but we should focus on what those concessions are. And for US, Russia, Israel, etc. we both know "nations don't have friends, they have interests". We need some flexibility from Azeri side about that "formal line on paper". Being obsessed with it doesn't help, facts on the ground should lead us.
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0 # 2010-12-23 01:35
And about war, we are ready, interestingly enough a couple of months ago [maybe 6 or so] a discussion started between us friends (4 of us on a table) and we said what if war starts again, 3 of us out of 4 said we would volunteer, 4th kept silent. None of us 4 is married so we have nothing to loose [the silent one is engaged though] practical thinking and long term wise situation is the land with Armenians living on it be part of Armenia. War is not wise, there is no winner in war, both sides are losers. Let's hope we can figure out a win-win solution. But if we fail to find a wise and peaceful solution then let it be war. I for one will volunteer.
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0 # 2010-12-23 07:45
I find Azeri to be very sympatique...He obviously is a good communicator and succeeded in staying "clean" unlike Armen. For that, he is to be commended. However, even if I sense that he is not all too unaware of the justness of the Armenian claims, he is trying to keep official government propaganda. I seriously hope for a non violent issue of this conflict for both nations.
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+1 # 2010-12-23 08:16
Yes, you're right Viken. I apologize to Azeri for my knee-jerk reaction and non-appropriate words. To tell the truth I kind of liked him/her too and like you I find Azeri to be very sympatique.

No more comments from me any more... Ok, not that you would miss me :)

Kind of I will :) I'm sure if it wasn't for this discussion we could have been really good friends.
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