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GeorgianTimes.Info  --  Surb Nshan Armenian monastery is situated in the very center of Tbilisi, presenting a magnificent view. However, the architectural monument looks deplorable at a close distance. Of course, it would be very hard to destroy a monastery built in 1701: thick brickwork walls will keep the church for the generations coming. The point is what kind of look one of the most significant Christian shrines in the Caucasus will offer to the descendants.

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photo credit: Nicolas Lemery Nantel

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Road to Mount Aragats and Khash! {gallery}Aragats{/gallery}

Spectacular and rewarding trip to Mount Aragats and Khash!

Mount Aragats (Armenian: Արագած) is a large stratovolcano in NW Armenia about 40 km NW of the capital city of Yerevan. It is the highest point in Armenia, located in the province of Aragatsotn, northwest from Yerevan. Located on its slopes are the Byurakan Observatory and the medieval Amberd Fortress. The observatory is a historically significant facility responsible for a number of important photographic surveys. Mount Aragats is a popular destination for tourists, especially in summer.


Khash (Armenian: Խաշ) Khash remains a purist meal with great parsimony in ingredients. The main ingredient in khash is cow's feet (known in Armenian as totikner), although other cow parts, such as the head and stomach (tripe) may also be used. The feet are depilated, cleaned, kept in cold water in order to get rid of bad smell, and boiled in water all night long, until the water has become a thick broth and the meat has separated from the bones. No salt or spices are added during the boiling process. The dish is served hot. One may add salt, garlic, lemon juice, or vinegar according to one's tastes. Dried lavash is often crumbled into the broth to add substance. Khash is generally served with a variety of other foods, such as hot green and yellow peppers, pickles, radishes, cheese, and fresh greens such as cress. The meal is almost always accompanied by vodka (preferably mulberry vodka) and mineral water.


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Vardavar (Վարդավառ or Վարդնար): 31 July, 2011 {gallery}Vardavar{/gallery}

Planet Armenia

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